Ori Spado

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Ori Spado

Orlando (Ori) Spado was born on December 17, 1944 in Rome, New York where he attended high school at Rome Free Academy.  At the age of 18, Ori joined the U.S. Army and served his country proudly and was discharged honorably in 1966.  He returned to Rome and had various jobs until he sold insurance for the Prudential Insurance Company where he was a leading agent.  After his first marriage and three children, Ori moved to San Francisco where he married his second wife and then after another divorce he moved to Beverly Hills, California where he became known as a Hollywood fixer doing favors for A-list celebrities and others.  People referred to him as the Hollywood Mob Boss.

In 2008 he was arrested at his home in Beverly Hills and brought to Brooklyn on a Colombo crime family RICO indictment.  He has enjoyed a friendship with the legendary underboss Sonny Franzese of the Colombo family for over 40 years and remained friends until Sonny’s passing in February 2020.  In addition, he has known the bosses of several mafia families throughout the U.S., having known Frank Costello, Meyer Lansky, Russell Bufalino, Carlo Marcello and Joey Pyle from London.

Ori finished his time at the U.S. Federal prison in Lompoc and returned to Beverly Hills, where he is involved in a few film projects and other legitimate business.

This is the true story of his life, he lived it, he owns it and takes full responsibility for his actions of the past.

Ori hopes that with releasing his book that if he can keep just one person from entering the life of crime, it was well worth it.