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Sally Lushin

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Sally Lushin

With more than 32 years of experience at being a rape survivor, Sally became a Sexual Assault Advocate in 2013. After decades of silence, she shook up her own life even more by writing her story in a book “Life Will See Me Now” published in 2016. She is a volunteer member of RAINN’S Speakers Bureau and continues to use her voice to lift up survivors all across the country. In her community and in the state of Indiana, she has been recognized for her Outstanding Service on Behalf of Victims and Survivors. Now that she’s retired, her passion remains as she continues to be a warrior fighting to end violence against women, human trafficking, rape and sexual assault!

“I’m assisting and supporting other’s because I am a Peacemaker and I just WON’T see it any other way” Sally Lushin ☮

Sally takes her job as Nana very seriously too and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Born with natural creativity, she’s also able to focus on her love of art. She has found many ways to assist with her PTSD and panic attacks that include art, meditation, yoga and music. Her witty sense of humor will always leave you smiling.