Season 4 Premiere: Season 4 – Episode 1

Let’s celebrate The Breakthrough Show Season 4 Premiere!

This is The Breakthrough Show, THE personal and spiritual development talk show changing how you look at and live your life!

On today’s episode we’re celebrating the Season 4 Premiere of the show! Join your host Jessica Dugas as she catches up with some past guests, welcomes a few experts to chat about actionable things we can do to care for ourselves during the current global pandemic, AND, of course, learn about the exciting things to come during Season 4! you don’t want to miss it!


On This Episode:

Welcome back to another season

Catching up with Claudette Gadsden

Catching up with Crystal Cockerham

What’s new with Ask Crystal?

Catching up with Kathleen Gubitosi

“Social Distancing” with Allan Knight

Supporting your immune system with Shoshana Chaim

Fitness at home with Adam Chaim

What’s coming up on Season 4 of The Breakthrough Show?

What’s new with Jessica Dugas?

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