Special Edition: The Importance of Being Present

The Importance of Being Present

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🔥The Breakthrough Show: Special Edition🔥
“The Importance of Being Present”
Wednesday, August 28, 2019

😍With Your Host: 
Jessica Suzanne Dugas (Jessica Dugas: Intuitive Mentor)

🤩And Special Guest:
Aaron Fisher (Copper88)

👋Join us live for our Breakthrough Show Special Edition episodes, sprinkled throughout Season 3! In these 30 minute episodes, you’ll be treated to a special guest interview, and sometimes even a demonstration, that will blow your mind… a little Breakthrough bite, if you will!

🗣On this episode:
Do you ever struggle with being present in your life? Do you understand the benefits of doing so? Today we’re talking to Aaron Fisher, an entrepreneur who travels the globe, about the importance of being present in our lives. You don’t want to miss this conversation!

🌎For more information about our show, hosts, panelists, please visit http://www.thebreakthroughshow.com

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