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Sylvia Tam

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Sylvia Tam

Sylvia Tam is a food entrepreneur, a mom to three kids, and an IBD warrior. Her journey with Ulcerative Colitis led to starting Beviva Foods, a gut-friendly snack company centered around digestive health on the go. Since her diagnosis in 2011, Sylvia manages her symptoms through mindset, dietary changes, and family traditions in Chinese medicine that has allowed her to avoid medications for her IBD.

As a business traveler, Sylvia had a hard time finding suitable foods at airports and hotels, not to mention her dearly missed gluten free cereal & dairy free milk. So in 2018, she launched her company Beviva Foods with PURPO® All-in-One Cereal Cup + Oat Milk and a few other products revolved around a highly-antioxidant superfood – purple sweet potatoes.

While Sylvia’s mission is to help people with digestive sensitivities eat plant based and allergen friendly on the hop, during COVID she discovered her passion in helping mompreneurs and kidpreneurs, like her own, by educating them on the important connection between our three brain dynamics – the gut, the head and the heart.

In learning to juggle all the demands of life, children, and IBD, Sylvia lives by the four Bs of success: Body, Being, Balance, and Business. To her, IBD doesn’t simply stand for Inflammatory Bowel Disease, it means Incredibly Brave and Determined.